Common Sense Responsible Government, Beryl Billiot US Senate Serving La Kentwood, LA Issues

Issues Facing Our State and Our Nation

State / National Security:

  • First Priority - because without a strong military and secure borders, our current standard of living will be forever changed. Our country is being flooded by individuals that do not share of love of freedom, nor our Christian beliefs, and they wish to destroy our way of life.
  • 2 reasons people come here – Become like us or to destroy us
  • As Senator, I will work closely with our Nation's leaders to establish a Safe and Prosperous America. After all, CHANGE STARTS WITH "ME"


  • Education is the foundation of all civilized nations.
  • We must educate our children if we desire to strengthen our nation to its former glory.
  • All citizens should have access to adequate educational tools to allow them to rise up from their current positions and truly experience the American Dream
  • Teachers should be well compensated to attract the most qualified.
  • Administrators should be given the proper authority to affect positive change in their schools.
  • Students should be held equally accountable, regardless of race or social status.
  • We must develop a comprehensive trade school program for those who are not compatible to a 4 year university

Job Creation:

  • The government does not create Jobs, businesses do
  • It is the Government’s responsibility to help foster the growth of AMERICAN businesses through "business-friendly" legislation
  • We must create an environment suitable for business success
  • We must fight to revitalize the Oil & Gas industry until we can transition to alternative fuel resources
  • We must work to bring Louisiana to the forefront of "Clean Energy" research and development to offset the loss of Oil & Gas revenues

"I will work vigorously to bring business and jobs to Louisiana, but we must first ensure an educated workforce, and reduce crime to make our state more attractive to interested parties. We must build a smaller, more efficient government that encourages business growth, but holds business accountable to their commitments."


  • We should encourage diversity in coverage partners to help lower premiums and make coverage affordable
  • We must hold individuals and professionals accountable for fraud and abuse
  • The single payer system is not the answer
  • Insurance companies must be removed from treatment process, let the doctors treat the patients
  • Emergency rooms should be for emergencies, not runny noses or after hour care

Veteran Support:

  • Many of these men and women have given the best years of their life to support and defend your freedoms, and it is our turn to give them the support they need to help transition back into civilian life.

Judicial Reform:

  • The government’s answer to our high crime rate and especially gun crime, is to create more laws – this is counterproductive.
  • Laws only affect those who follow them.
  • We must implement aggressive enforcement policies
  • We must hold individuals accountable for their actions
  • I will implement  "Tiered Prison System" legislation to reduce costs and deter crime


  • We must work to mitigate the rampant abuse of our generous welfare system
  • We must make our system a hand-up instead of a hand out!
  • We must help those that help themselves
  • We must drug test recipients of any federal / state assistance (If you can afford recreational drugs, you don't need my help)

Social Issues: (I refuse to debate social issues at this time)

  • Our current administration and several before has used social issues and cultural differences to keep us divided - They have over utilized the “Smoke & Mirror” tactics and it is time to put these tactics to bed.
  • We need to be smarter than the institution.
  • We need real leadership in Washington, all the way down to the local level.
  • We the people must take an interest in our political situation and get involved to ensure that the rights and freedoms we enjoy today will be available to future generations.
  • At this current time, we must put aside our small differences and focus on the big items that affect us ALL

We are currently floating down the river with a hole in our boat, and some people want to debate the color of the paint!

We need to "Prioritize Our Future"

It is time to concentrate on what really matters!!